All advantages of Alamo Inn Motel with best prices and friendly staff

We stayed here March of 2016 and had a good trip. The Alamo Inn Motel had a lot to offer. Here you always get what you pay for. I knew that at what I spent for myself, my wife, and toddler son I should not expect alot. I mean it’s an all inclusive hotel. The oldest in San Antonio actually ( I found it when I arrived The beach and location were wonderful, but the food left something to be desired night after night. It was always ok, not great. The service was spotty, but you can expect that anywhere you go. Sometimes you have a terrific server and sometimes you don’t. But overall I found the service to be poor. Because of the age of the Alamo Inn Motel resort and the fact that it hasn’t been really renovated in quite a while.The staff was very responsive and ask me to left some feedbacks on thi site ( Other resort stayers actually come to Corpus Christi for the Dolphins and the glass bottom boat(Do not eat or drink before getting on. Trust me), the jet skies… . One thing I could not understand is why Corpus Christi allows merchants to come into the resort and harrass guests. One of the worse were the cigar pedlers. I watch sucker after sucker get had by the story of “these are real Cubans”….NOT. and then to make it worse everywhere in the resort you go there will be another vendor telling you how the other guy is selling fakes. Guess what? They’re all fakes. Don’t buy the Cuban cigars! Oh. And if you value your vacation time and your leisure- Don’t fall for the 90 minute presentation on how you can “own a piece of the resort/company’. They offer you $100 certificate to attend, but then harrass you into buying one of their vacation plans. I would pay an extra $100 of real money in order to not waste my time again. Enjoy the sun. For visiting Alamo Inn Motel check free apartments for your family and friends at

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