Christmas Holidays

19 December 2012

For most children Christmas is a wonderful and exciting time. There can also be tensions at Christmas caused, for example, by: adults drinking more, family coming together, pressure to provide and spend money, change of routine.   At this time fewer services open, domestic abuse incidents can increase and the short days can make people feel very low or depressed.   


  • Support each other 
  • Help friends and family 
  • Think about children 
  • Spend time with your child 

Make sure there is someone to look after the children if adults are having a drink. It's important to know that support is available at Christmas for children at risk and that it’s never too late to go for help. If a child is at risk, please do not hesitate to make a phone call to your local services.   Contacts for local services are available on the Public Awareness page.

Child Sexual Abuse

05 December 2012

Child Sexual Abuse has been in the media recently and a common theme has been the imbalance of power between adults and children, and situations where adults can abuse that power and victims are silenced, or not listened to by other adults. 

If you want to read more or have been affected by any of the issues you will find information and help from various organisations: 

Survivors Scotland

Stop it Now

The NSPCC also publishes information on sexual abuse and a guide for parents to help them protect their children from sexual abuse. Childline's - Caught in a Trap -  provides information on face to face and online grooming.