Worried about a child?

04 July 2012

If you see someone behaving towards a child in a way that worries you, or if a child or young person tells you something, you need to:

  • Take them seriously
  • Do something about it
  • Speak to someone.

This could be a teacher, a doctor, a health visitor, a social worker, a police officer or a member of nursery staff. It is everyone’s job to make sure children are safe.

Call the Police (999) or Social Work right away if you think:

  • That something is wrong
  • That a child is in danger
  • That a child is being neglected.

There are many agencies which work to protect children and there are many ways that they gather information. But your call might provide the missing piece of the jigsaw that completes the picture and saves a child. 

To find out more about the different types of abuse and the warning signs, download our information document on the subject here.