Western Isles Child Protection Committee - Child Protection Poster Competition

Westrern Isles Child Protection Committee | 13 August 2013

Here are some examples of awareness raising material from a recent public awareness campaign in relation to child safety and welfare in the local community. 

A poster competition was run in a local school with the winning poster being used in an awareness raising campaign throughout the Western Isles.

CP Poster Comp
CP A3 Poster

Children Affected by Parental Substance Use

WithScotland | 07 August 2013

River City - BBC One, BBC Two (Scotand only)

A recent story line in the BBC’s River City raised the issue of children affected by parental substance use. If you’re worried about a child, you should report your concerns directly to the local area where the child lives – you may have important information that could help a child and their family. 

You can enter the area postcode into WithScotland’s search facility which will take you directly to the child’s local Child Protection Committee website. This will provide you with direct contacts and links on how to report concerns or seek further help.

For people working with children affected by parental substance use, you can download WithScotland’s helpful briefing document ‘Children Affected by Parental Drug and Alcohol Misuse’. For further advice, please email or call 01786 466300.

Updated practice guidance has recently been published (April 2013) for all agencies to work successfully in partnership when substance use issues are identified. Protecting children when substance use issues prove to be problematic is a priority for Child Protection Committees across Scotland. The main priority is to ensure the earliest possible intervention to provide children and families with the support they need and avoid situations becoming critical for a child. Increasingly children and adult services work more closely together to ensure the best outcomes for both parents and children.