Surviving Christmas and New Year

25 November 2014

Sometimes people find that the Christmas and New Year period is really hard. Everyone else seems to be having a great time but you’re feeling worried or find it hard to cope. And it’s worse when you have problems with drugs or alcohol, because you are trying to keep yourself well when other people are drinking and having parties. And all the places where you get support at other times of the year have shut up for the holidays.

Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people find the holiday period difficult. So we’ve put together this handy guide to surviving Christmas and New Year.

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National Anti-Bullying week

17 November 2014

National Anti-Bullying Week 17th-21st Nov. 2014 Theme: 'Lets Stop Bullying For All'.

Action Work Anti Bullying Resources 

19 November-World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children

17 November 2014

It is World Day for the Prevention of Abuse and Violence Against Children on 19th November and International Day for the Rights of the Child on the 20th November. 

The overarching theme of the 19th is “Addiction and Substance Abuse”. Child abuse is a problem in every country and society - providing children with a safe environment is a priority for all agencies working to protect children in Scotland. Catriona Laird, National Child Protection Committee Coordinator, WithScotland, said: “Neglect continues to be a significant challenge for services in Scotland - there is considerable evidence that it is linked to parental problematic drug or alcohol use. “The Scottish Government currently estimates that around 40,000-60,000 children in Scotland may be affected by parental problematic drug use and that, of these, 10,000-20,000 may be living with that parent.

“These awareness raising days provide a timely opportunity to highlight the need to create a culture of prevention of abuse and violence against children and young people. We need everyone to take responsibility for children’s safety. Make sure you let those who can help know of your concerns.” 

 If a member of the public is worried about a child they should report their concerns to the child’s social work department. Contacts for each Child Protection Committee in Scotland is available on the WithScotland website 

Children and young people can also find advice and help by contacting NSPCC Scotland (0808 800 5000) Childline (08001111) and ParentLine Scotland (08000 28 22 33). In an emergency, always contact the police on 999. 

Being Me - Isn't it time someone heard your story?

03 November 2014

Being Me is a free anti-bullying classroom resource available to download at the bottom of the page that seeks to celebrate difference and promote inclusion by giving young people in years 5-8 an invaluable insight into the potential challenges being faced by their peers.

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