Renfrewshire child protection campaign

19 January 2015

A NEW public awareness campaign is being launched to urge people in Renfrewshire to call the council or the police if they are worried about a child.  

The £30,000 'No Harm Done' project is funded by Renfrewshire Council. It features adverts on local radio, in pubs and clubs, on bus shelters and on council vehicles. Andrew Lowe, chairman of the council's child protection committee said: "This campaign should make people stop and think about what they have seen or heard. "We know good people often worry about a child but don't do anything about their concerns. "Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. Sometimes we don't know who to call."  If you are at all worried about a child, please contact social work services. If you think a child is in danger, call the police. It won't do any harm and you don't even need to give your name. But your call might make all the difference to a child. "Maybe you feel what you know isn't important but snippets of information can build into a bigger picture of abuse or neglect. 

It's everyone's job to make sure children in Renfrewshire are safe." If you're worried about a child call social work on 0300 300 1199 or Police Scotland on 101 or 999. You can find out more about what to look out for and how we can all help keep children safe at   

Fife Council - Get involved and help local children

Fife Council | 12 January 2015

FIFE Council is urging local people to get involved in the Children's Hearing System in Fife. The Children's Hearings System is Scotland's unique care and justice system for children and young people in need of care, protection and support.  

The system is unique because volunteer, unsalaried, panel members make the decisions at children's hearings. Decisions are made after considering the needs, circumstances and best interests of the children and young people before them. Now the search is on for more volunteers to help support local children in Fife.

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Share Aware: Help your child stay safe on social networks

09 January 2015

The NSPCC is today launching a UK wide public education campaign, called Share Aware, to help parents keep their children safe online.

The campaign is aimed at parents and carers of children aged 8-12 – the age at which they start doing more online, become more independent and use a greater range of devices. It will complement the excellent work already underway in Scotland, to protect children on-line such as new online child safety classes for parents currently being piloted by the Scottish Government and anti-bullying charity RespectMe at locations across central Scotland.  

The Share Aware campaign will include two animations – I saw your willy and Lucy and the boy - that will be shown on prime time television and on digital spaces. These engaging films have a serious message deriving from the stories of two children who share too much about themselves on-line.

Visit Share Aware for more details.