Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world

NSPCC|24 March 2016

To children, online life is real life. We've joined forces with O2 to help parents explore and understand online life as kids know it. 

As part of our belief in helping parents know how to keep their children safe online, we wanted to develop a guide, primarily aimed at parents of 8-12 year olds, about the social networks, apps or games with an interactive element that children use most frequently.

We worked with our online safety partner, O2 – to find out what over 500 parents thought about the social networks that children use. We've also asked 1720 young people what they thought. The purpose of the guide is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child's online world and help them keep their children safe online

We're encouraging parents to explore what other parents and children are saying about the sites, and form their own views about the appropriateness of popular sites. We hope that Net Aware can help give parents the confidence to have balanced and informed conversations about what their children are doing online.