How does child protection work affect social workers?

The Guardian | 24 July 2014

Ruth Neil, lecturer in social work at the University of the West of Scotland:

The focus of child protection social work is often about the experience of the child and his or her carers. But what about the impact of this work upon social workers? 

In a recent research study, I focused on the experiences of 12 social workers from a Scottish local authority who worked with children and their families on a daily basis. Social workers are required to make decisions and professional judgments based on limited information while operating within the parameters of "respectful uncertainty" and "healthy scepticism". In recent years the profession has been subjected to negative media coverage following the deaths of children at the hands of their carers. Given this cultural backdrop, I sought to find out how child protection social workers experience their work.

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Figures reveal Scottish rape report locations

BBC News | 23 July 2014


More rapes have been reported in West Fife than any other area in Scotland between April 2013 and May this year, according to data obtained by BBC Scotland.

The figures from Police Scotland reveal that the command area - which includes Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath - received 102 reports over the 14-month period.

The Fife Council area received the same number of reports (222) as Glasgow. Its population is two-thirds the size of Scotland's largest city.

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National Play Strategy: a review of inclusive play in Scotland

23 July 2014


A survey has been launched to review inclusive play in Scotland, exploring the existing barriers to inclusive play, aspirations about inclusive play and ensuring inclusive play experiences.

A Review of Inclusive Play in Scotland was identified as a high priority within the National Play Strategy Action Plan (2013), recognising that all children in Scotland have the right to play. The Plan particularly mentions the play rights of disabled children and young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Play Review hopes to find out about:

  • the existing barriers to inclusive play in Scotland
  • the aspirations about inclusive play
  • approaches, tools, practice and strategies that work well in ensuring play experiences and opportunities are inclusive.
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