Stirling ranked top in the UK for Social Work

29 April 2016

The University of Stirling has risen eight places in the Complete University Guide league table and has been ranked top in the UK for Social Work in the 2017 rankings. The University has now moved to 39 in the overall table, the institution's highest ranking since 2009.

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Family networks can be a critical resource in social work response to ‘violent extremism’

Community Care | 27 April 2016

By Tony Stanley and Lisa Gunstone

‘Radicalisation risk’ is an emerging practice issue confronting social workers, families, communities and local authorities. Alongside child sexual exploitation and children reported ‘missing’ from home and care, these new areas of social work are mostly issues external to parental care and the family home, so we need fresh ideas to inform our social work offer.

We think, however, that ‘radicalisation risk’ is a misleading term – and a simplistic use of language. It writes in particular narratives about vulnerability, risk, and blame while erasing others. Simplistic language will encourage unsophisticated options for practice.

If we define this in traditional ‘child abuse’ terms, we have a ready-made victim and ready-made perpetrator, or (and more likely) a set of scary unknowns, that we quickly set out to eliminate to resolve. But what happens to our social work relationships when we are in a hurry? Working with uncertainty is a practice reality, while not always a comfortable place; are we too keen to get to ‘safe certainty’?

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BBC and Google in online child safety initiative

The Guardian | 27 April 2016

The BBC and Google have joined forces with internet service providers on an initiative to promote online safety for children.  

The two organisations have become the first official partners of Internet Matters, which was set up two years ago by BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk to teach parents and children about issues such as cyberbullying and protecting privacy. Google and the BBC already run their own internet safety programmes, but Internet Matters claims their support recognises the importance of a collaborative approach.

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