Surviving Christmas and New Year

25 November 2014

Sometimes people find that the Christmas and New Year period is really hard. Everyone else seems to be having a great time but you’re feeling worried or find it hard to cope. And it’s worse when you have problems with drugs or alcohol, because you are trying to keep yourself well when other people are drinking and having parties.

And all the places where you get support at other times of the year have shut up for the holidays. Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people find the holiday period difficult. 

Surviving Christmas and New Year 

Aberlour - Options Adventures

25 November 2014

This is information from Aberlour Options Adventures.  

Options Adventures is an exciting pilot testing our ability to offer a service that supports children with disabilities to take part in a range of Adventure style short breaks. Children can learn new skills, make new friends and gain a sense of empowerment and independence. Most importantly we’re striving to enable Children with disabilities to enjoy the same access to adventures and experiences as their non-disabled peers. The pilot began in summer 2014 were we began planning and delivering short breaks in conjunction with activity providers, instructors and of course, families!

Some experiences included a range of exciting adventures which included camping, ‘glamping’, kayaking, archery, aviation, team building exercises, along with unique day adventures such as ‘Zoo keeper for a day’ and ‘Football stadium experience’. The trips have already been a huge success with the kids, often enabling and supporting them to try things they’d never dreamed of before. The service works to overcome many of the barriers often preventing children with disabilities taking part in such experiences. Parents and carers of children with disabilities also benefit from Options Adventures, giving them much needed respite from their caring role whilst safe in the knowledge that their child is well supported and taking part in meaningful and exciting activities and adventures.  

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Rape Crisis National Prevention Project

25 November 2014

Rape Crisis centres are engaging with young people in schools and youth settings around Scotland, addressing issues such as consent, sexualisation and safe use of social media. Building on the experience of successful projects at a number of centres, a resource pack was developed which is being used by nine centres as part of a nationally-coordinated project. Interim findings of our external evaluation state that “there is good evidence that the sessions delivered are achieving their learning outcomes. 

Over 90% of young people reported having greater understanding of the issues as a result of attending sessions ... There was also over 90% agreement from teachers across all sessions that the identified learning outcomes had been achieved.

Some quotes from young people and teachers:

Boosts your confidence to talk about it if it’s happened to you.'   '

Was very impressed with layout of pack and resources. … The pack tied in well with what’s already being delivered within the curriculum.' '

Having it delivered by someone other than staff, with up to date, relevant materials designed for them makes a difference.'

Further information and contact details 

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