Ministers back campaign to give under-18s right to delete social media posts

The Guardian | 28 July 2015

Government ministers have backed a campaign calling for under-18s to have the right to delete embarrassing and damaging material they have posted on social media that could later harm their job or education prospects.

The iRights coalition has set out five rights that young people should expect online, including the ability to easily edit or delete comments or pictures they have posted on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and to know who is holding or profiting from their information. The group’s proposals come amid growing concern over the fact that the internet permanently records a person’s past mistakes, which can damage anything from job prospects to university offers.

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Cardiff University scientists create new test to help doctors spot signs of life-threatening physical abuse in young children

27 July 2015

Experts in child protection have developed a test designed to help doctors recognise children suffering from life-threatening physical abuse. Abusive head trauma (AHT), sometimes referred to as “shaken baby syndrome”, is the leading cause of death among children who are abused.

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Scots councils paid £1.5m to child abuse victims

The Scotsman | 27 July 2015

SCOTTISH councils have paid out around £1.5 million in compensation to the victims of child abuse during the past decade. Payments were made in relation to physical and sexual abuse which took place in schools and children’s homes.

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