WithScotland October Newsletter

21 October 2014

Our October newsletter is now available to download. This month's edition highlights our new case studies  - they provide an illustration of how we can help to support staff in their work to protect children and young people. 

Download our new case studies and keep up to date on the latest WithScotland information here 

NSPCC Harmful Practices Survey

NSPCC Scotland | 20 October 2014

Research in Practice is currently working to support the NSPCC in their gathering of information regarding ‘harmful practices’ among minority ethnic groups. This will focus in particular on: • FGM • Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence • Faith-based Abuse.

NSPCC is running a survey to inform further reform and development throughout the sector, but they need the input of practitioners from a wide range of areas. If you have expertise or experience in this area, you can help. Please complete the survey here. It will take around 15 minutes.  

In addition, there is a focus group on 5 November at 14:00 - 15:00. This will allow for more information and detailed feedback, and will take the time to examine the issue through the lens of practice experience. If you or relevant colleagues would like to participate in the focus group please fill in this form.

Vulnerable adolescents in need of our concern, support and attention

The Herald | 17 October 2014

From the age of 16, the number of children on the child protection register in Scotland plummets.  

According to figures, of 2,681 children considered to be at risk, just 23 were aged 16 and over. We can reasonably assume the circumstances of more than 2,500 children weren't magically remedied on their 16th birthday. So what happened next for them?

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