Don’t forget the children when adults take decisions

The Scotsman | 21 August 2014

How can Scotland become “the best place in the world to grow up”? This ambition has become a mantra of our politicians and is one I’m sure most people in Scotland wholeheartedly embrace. But what do we need to do to make it happen?

Quite simply, we must consider children and their rights in everything we do. To do this, we must talk to children, listen to what they have to say and think about the impact our decisions may have. This applies to everyone – from politicians passing legislation; police officers holding or arresting a parent; planning officers looking at new housing developments and parents negotiating an acrimonious divorce.

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8 things social workers want to see in their dream degree programme

CommunityCare | 21 August 2014

As part of its ongoing review of social work education, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) recently finished a consultation gathering the profession’s views on the future of social work qualifications.

The findings of the consultation, which saw 147 social workers give their views, will feed into the SSSC’s review of the purpose and function of social work degrees that will end in March next year.

Community Care has compiled the key messages from the consultation to see what Scotland’s social workers believe should be the attributes of social work education in the 21st century.

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Children’s views on coping with a family member in prison

20 August 2014


Did you know that every year 27,000 children and young people have to cope with someone in their family being in prison? A new Enquire blog addresses this pressing children's rights issue.

27,000 children is even more than the number each year who see their parents get divorced.

The blog explores children and young people's views and the support that schools can give. Here are some of the feelings expressed by youngsters with family members in prison: "I am so angry with my dad about what he did, but I miss him every day." "It was such a shock that I don't want to see my mum right now, but I am also really sad about what happened." "No one's telling me anything." "I want to be like everyone else."

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