Have your say on young performers' wellbeing

Scottish Government | 14 May 2014

A national consultation on the arrangements for ensuring the wellbeing of children involved in performances is now live and responses are welcome. The deadline for responses is Friday 6 June 2014.

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Hospital to Home pathway map

IRISS | 22 April 2014

The IRISS Innovation and Improvement team is leading a 20-month project to redesign the pathway from hospital to home for older people across Scotland.  They're working with health and social care practitioners, older people, their families and informal carers to identify issues and improve care pathways from hospital to home and enable a more positive experience for all. The first outputs of the project, the hopital to home pathway map, is now available online As well as a visual and interactive pathway map, a literature review on the subject of delayed discharge and the pathway between hospital to home, and information on the people and localities involved in the project, is also available.

For further information, and to keep up to date with the project, see the Hospital to Home blog or contact  

Adults need to stop thinking of bullying as 'inevitable'

22 April 2014

Adults in charge need to "move away" from the belief bullying is "an inevitable part of growing up" because the long-term repercussions are so severe, according to the authors of a report into the psychological affects of school yard abuse.  

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