Fewer care staff as elderly population increases

The Herald | 01 October 2014

THE number of people ­working in social services in Scotland has dropped for the fifth successive year.  

Despite a rapidly growing elderly population and a push to look after more people in the community rather than in hospitals, new statistics released by the Scottish Social Services Council show the workforce has shrunk by 1.4 per cent, to 189,670 in 2013, from 192,360 the previous year. This follows year-on-year falls since 2009.

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New WithScotland briefings available to download

30 September 2014

There are two new WithScotland briefing documents available to download.  WithScotland research briefings provide a concise summary of the available research knowledge in which to inform practice. They are aimed at practitioners, managers, policy-makers and researchers.

One has been written on Child Trafficking by Annette Webb, the WithScotland Research Coordinator.  Child trafficking involves the recruitment, transfer or receipt of people by means of threat, deception, coercion or use of force for the purpose of exploitation. Child trafficking is a crime that can occur across international borders within countries and is a child protection issue.  

The other new briefing 'Resistance, a complex challenge for practice' - was written by Lyndsey Robb,  a lecturer at Napier University.  Resistance is an important concept for practitioners since it is an integral and challenging aspect of work with involuntary clients. Resistance needs to be identified and acknowledged in practice since it can impact on decision making and interventions and have negative consequences for the child.

To download copies, please visit WithScotland Briefings. If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing 

Young men, pornography and sexually explicit materials

29 September 2014

Are you concerned by the use of pornography amongst young men? Are you working with young men? Like to know more about dealing with this issue? The Women’s Support Project, White Ribbon Scotland and Zero Tolerance with support from Stop It Now! are inviting professionals to a round table event to discuss concerns on the use of pornography by young men. 

 This event reflects the growing concerns evidenced in recent research, and also by front line staff working with young men. Young people themselves have come forward and shared their experiences of pornographic and sexually explicit materials with researchers and staff, and we need to know how best to respond to this issue.  

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