97 children in Glasgow at risk of sex exploitation

The Scotsman | 27 November 2014

A total of 97 children in Glasgow have been identified as being victims of sexual exploitation or are at risk according to a council report. The number was highlighted in a new report which examined Glasgow social work’s current practices in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham.  

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Learning needs of slightly deaf children are being ‘overlooked’

SecEd | 27 November 2014

Serious learning issues in slightly deaf children are being “overlooked” in schools, researchers have warned. The problem means that academic achievement for students with mild hearing losses is no better than that for profoundly deaf children. 

A study by the University of Edinburgh found that students with mild deafness received 1.6 hours of support each week, while those with moderate deafness got 2.6 hours. This compares to an average of 17.2 hours a week for profoundly deaf students.  

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Surviving Christmas and New Year

25 November 2014

Sometimes people find that the Christmas and New Year period is really hard. Everyone else seems to be having a great time but you’re feeling worried or find it hard to cope. And it’s worse when you have problems with drugs or alcohol, because you are trying to keep yourself well when other people are drinking and having parties.

And all the places where you get support at other times of the year have shut up for the holidays. Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people find the holiday period difficult. 

Surviving Christmas and New Year 

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