Police to warn sex crime suspects

BBC News | 21 July 2014


Men suspected of sex crimes in Scotland could be issued with police warnings in cases where there is not enough evidence to prosecute them in court.

Police Scotland said sexual predators could be frightened into changing their behaviour if they think the authorities are on to them.

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CHS publishes new research on the Children's Hearings System

Children's Hearings Scotland | 21 July 2014


Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) has published new research on the experiences of children, young people and adults of the Children’s Hearings System.

This is the first time that CHS has commissioned such research and follows a joint survey carried out with the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration in 2012/13, where CHS asked those taking part if they would be willing to participate in this piece of follow up qualitative work. The aim of the research, carried out by ScotCen, was to capture an in depth view of the lived experiences that lay behind the survey findings.

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Views and experiences of the children’s hearings system (PDF).    

What children, young people and their carers think about children's hearings (PDF).    

What children, young people and their carers think about children's hearings - animated film

Tayside police chiefs warn: ‘The greatest threat to your child online is to believe there is no real threat’

Evening Telegraph | 18 July 2014

The advances in technology have made it harder than ever to keep our children safe. As mobile chat applications such as Snapchat and Twitter continue to flood the market, kids are more exposed to sexual predators than ever. But, Detective Sergeant Ray Birnie, of Tayside’s Public Protection Unit, insisted that as technology improves, so does the ability to catch the groomers.

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