Deadline dates for the Partnership Drugs Initiative (PDI) funding opportunity.

17 June 2011

The Partnership Drugs Initiative (PDI) was setup with the following outcomes:

  • To increase the wellbeing of children and young people in Scotland affected by drugs and alcohol.

  • To help develop and influence both local and national policy and strategic direction.

To enable us to achieve these outcomes the PDI will focus its funding on projects that have:

  • Understanding of the PDI’s ethos of evaluation and learning and ability to reflect on the impact of their work

  • Understanding and a strong alignment with local strategic plans and direction

Applications to the Partnership Drugs Initiative (PDI) work differently to those to the main Lloyds TSB Foundation funding programme. Applications are prepared in partnership with local Alcohol & Drug Partnerships and voluntary organisations. Although awards are made directly to the voluntary organisation (registered charities only), the application has to be endorsed and submitted with the Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP).

The Foundation will fund up to 50% of the cost of the proposal - you must identify match funding for at least 50% of the project costs from another funding route. The PDI staff aim to provide support to the applicants both before and after application.

The Partnership Drugs Initiative operates a two-stage application process.

Click to downlond further details on the Partnership Drugs Initiative and Guidance Notes on the application process.

The deadline dates are given below:

Initial Outline Deadline 16 September 2011

Full Application Deadline 25 November 2011

If you are interested in applying then we would encourage you to make contact with the PDI to discuss your plans in more detail telephone: 0131 444 4020 or e-mail: