Research Coordinator Staff Profile

25 April 2012, the new Research Coordinator for the ‘Hub’, will take forward activities in coordinating the translation of research evidence for practice and policy. Kelly will be taking forward the priorities identified from the findings of What Can Research Do For You? and Meeting Children’s Needs for Care and Protection. Kelly will also support the Research Working Group.Contact:Kelly Stone

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Aberlour Glasgow Bridges Research Report

16 April 2012

The Aberlour Glasgow Bridges service was set up in Possilpark in North East Glasgow in June 2008, with initial funding for three years. It works with families affected by parental substance misuse. The aim of the service was to develop and deliver interventions with children and parents to improve children's educational, helath and well-being outcomes.

Research Summary

final report

Cheryl Burgess and Sandra Sweeten Podcast

The NHS Health Scotland Early Years Annual Conference

16 April 2012

The NHS Health Scotland Early Years Annual Conference took place on Thursday 1 March 2012. The conference provided a unique opportunity for those interested in early years health improvement to share experiences and find out how the national strategic direction can support early years work at a local level. It brought together a wide range of people all working to improve outcomes in the early years.

View recordings and presentations on the Maternal & Early Years website

New Early Years Area Coming Soon To Social Serivices Knowledge Scotland website

16 April 2012

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is developing a new area for early years on The Knowledge Network - the national online knowledge service for health and social care information.The early years portal is designed for those working in health or social services with responsibility for early years (pre-birth to five years). It will bring together quality assured information such as policy and legislation, journals and articles, as well as guidelines on pregnancy and early years-related topics. NES would welcome feedback from users to guide development. For more information, please visit the news section of the Maternal and Early Years website.

Modernising Nursing In The Community

16 April 2012

The includes:MNiC toolkit

  • information

  • evidence

  • examples of good practice

  • educational contacts.

New Enquire Film Launched - The Learners' Perspective

16 April 2012

In Enquire’s new film, young people share their views on how their school experience is affected by being in care, being a young mum, having Asperger’s or other learning difficulties, and the support that has helped them get the most out of their education.

Launched at the 2012 Enquire National Conference, the film looks at a variety of key themes, including:

· how different staff and agencies work together to support pupils.

· how approaches to learning can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals.

what young people think is important in terms of planning their learning and support

For further information, visit the Together website

Children's Rights And Business Principals

16 April 2012

A landmark set of 10 principles are now available to ensure that companies respect and support children's rights. UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children have introduced the Children's Rights and Business Principles, a call on business to step up their efforts to respect and support children's rights in the workplace, marketplace and community.

For further information, visit the UNICEF website


16 April 2012

Scotland's first Carers Parliament will be held on 1 October 2012 in the Scottish Parliament. This short consultation asks carers to make their views known about what they feel are the most important issues to debate at the event.

Complete the questionnaire here

New Resources For Working With Children and Young People

16 April 2012

IRISS has launched two pieces of work which will be helpful to practitioners working with children and young people. IRISS has launched two pieces of work which will be helpful to practitioners working with children and young people. Leading For Outcomes: Children and Young People and the Child Care and Protection Research Collection (which is a joint project with MARS and SCCPN).

For further information, visit IRISS

Consultation on National Framework for Child Protection Learning & Development in Scotland

16 April 2012

Consultation on National Framework for Child Protection Learning & Development in Scotland. This National Framework for Child Protection Learning & Development in Scotland 2012 (‘the framework’) has been developed to support those who are responsible for the learning and development needs of the multi-agency workforce. It is a multi-agency document for those who commission, develop, purchase, and deliver education, training and learning for those working with children and young people, to help them protect children and young people from risk of harm.

For further information, visit the Scottish Government website

National Parenting Strategy

16 April 2012

Parents are the greatest influence on their children’s lives, particularly in the crucial early years. Hilary Third of the Scottish Government Early Years Unit sets out the case for the national strategy.

Scotland, the best place to bring up children?

16 April 2012

On April 18, Parenting across Scotland will launch a new collection of essays on parenting, "Scotland: the best place in the world to bring up children?" The collection covers a wide range of subjects including early years, teenagers, poverty, relationships and many more. It will be launched at an event in Edinburgh City Chambers attended by the Minister for Children and Young People and Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People. The collection will be available to download from the Parenting across Scotland website.

About Families Evidence Supports Families Through Change

16 April 2012

About Families is a partnership supporting voluntary and statutory organisations to use evidence to inform their services for parents and families. Through providing evidence and supporting organisations to use this research in practice, we support organisations to develop their services to meet the changing needs of parents and families, including those affected by disability.

Visit Parenting Across Scotland for information on how the research is being used in practice.

Helping To Reduce Conflict Between Parents

16 April 2012

Research shows that parental conflict has a profound impact on children's emotional and social development. Troubled family relationships can lead to troubled children. Good relationships between parents, whether together or not, are crucial for children and give them the best start in life. SMC works with clients through its helpline, counselling service and early intervention programmes - FOCCUS and REACT - to build stronger, healthier relationships and reduce the risk of relationship and family crisis.

For more information, visit Scottish Marriage Care

Parenting Across Scotland - Resources

16 April 2012

There are lots of resources for practitioners and parents on the Parenting Across Scotland website as well as news about the latest materials available from the organisation to download.

One of the most popular downloads is 'Parenting Teenagers' - many more are available to view on line.

SCCPN and MARS Launch Podcast Series With IRISS

16 April 2012

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) to produce a podcast series. ‘ contains a number of videos and audio recordings about recent research on child care and protection related issues.The child care and protection research collection’MARS and SCCPN recently worked with

These were conducted between January and March 2012 and involved a number of academics, who specialise in particular areas of child care research, speaking about the subject of their project, the main findings, and the implications for policy and practice. University of Stirling Research Fellow, Cheryl Burgess features with Aberlour Glasgow Bridges Service Manager, Sandra Sweeten to discuss the success of the Aberlour Glasgow Bridges Service. Other topics include: ‘The Rights and Status Of Children Of Prisoners In Scotland’; ‘Understanding Child Trafficking And The Challenges for Practice’ and ‘Safeguarding Children of Adults In Receipt of Palliative Care’.

For further information, and to listen to the podcasts, visit IRISS

Annual Child Poverty Strategy Report

02 April 2012

Thefirst Annual Report of the Child Poverty Strategy was laid in the Scottish Parliament today. The report highlights some of the key measures taken by the Scottish Government since the publication of the Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland in March 2011, and references some of the activity that will be taken forward across the 3 year span of the strategy.

Local Action To Tackle Child Poverty - Toolkit

02 April 2012

This resource aims to provide a single point of reference to assist those who are involved in tackling child poverty in local areas in Scotland. It supports the development and implementation of Scotland's Strategy for Child Poverty. The aim is to provide a single point of reference to assist those involved in tackling child poverty locally throughout Scotland.

For further information, visit Employability in Scotland

New Children And Families Leaflet Available On-Line

02 April 2012

The Scottish Government's new, 'Getting it right for children & families' leaflet is now available to download. It's an overview of the wide range of policy areas.

Visit the Scottish Government website to download the leaflet

New Statistics Available On Looked After Children, Child Protection Secure Care Accommodation and Close Support Care Accommodation

02 April 2012

New statistics are available about looked after children, child protection, secure care accommodation and close support care accommodation. Scotland’s Chief Statistician published Children’s Social Work Statistics Scotland, No.1: 2012 Edition. This publication contains the latest statistics in relation to children looked after, child protection, secure care accommodation and close support care accommodation.

Visit the Scottish Government website for further information