The Experience of Learning And Educational Outcomes For Looked After Children and Young People

31 January 2012

A report on a Pupil Inclusion Network Scotland (PINS) seminar which took place in November has been published.

With nearly 16,000 looked after children and young people the experience of

learning and educational outcomes for these learners remains a significant

challenge in Scotland. The challenges include poorer outcomes in terms of

school attendance, exclusion, attainment and positive post school

destinations. The PINS seminar considered the story so far and has identified priorities for


Download the full PINS report.

Stirling Researcher Finds Social Workers Feel Powerless To Intervene In Child Neglect Cases

29 January 2012

A study by University of Stirling Professor Brigid Daniel has found that fifty-one per cent of social workers, and thirty-six per cent of police officers report feeling powerless to intervene in suspected cases of child neglect.

Professor Daniel conducted the survey as part of a comprehensive review into child neglect, the first of a new annual series by the University, for children’s charity Action for Children. The report has been presented to the Westminster Government.

Over 4000 people, including the general public, a range of professionals and 47 local authorities, took part in the research through polling and focus groups.

The study found a worrying picture of neglected children getting trapped in, rather than caught by, the safety net in place to protect them, as teachers, health workers and nursery staff are increasingly aware of child neglect, yet unsure as to what to do.

To read the full story, visit University of Stirling

Download the report / Summary

Training Guide For Those Working With Children And Families In Scotland

24 January 2012

A new Children In Scotland Training Guide regarding events held between January and June 2012 is available now covering a range of CPD training courses, events and seminars.

The courses cover:

* Play and Outdoor Learning

* Resilience and Wellbeing

* Additional Support Needs

* Child Protection

* Curriculum for Excellence

* Working with Families

* Practitioner Skills

* Behaviour Management, and


Download a copy of the training guide

Children and Young People's Mental Health Indicators

24 January 2012

Briefing providing a summary of the final output from the children and young people's mental health indicators work including the recommendations, the indicators, their measures and associated data sources.

Children and Young People's Mental Health Indicators

New Data On Children With Exceptional Healthcare Needs

24 January 2012

The National Managed Clinical Network for Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs (NMCN CEN) has released new data on children with exceptional healthcare needs, the use of the Support Needs System in Scotland and data on the length and reasons for hospital discharge delays. These reports can be found on the NMCN CEN website

Play, Talk, Read Bus Tour Dates

24 January 2012

Dates for the bus tour during January and February 2012 have been announced. Please note that the Glasgow City Council roadshow will now take place in March 2012 instead of January. Play At Home trainers are invited to join in and use this opportunity to meet with local families, promote play activities or talk about baby massage. A representative from Bookbugs will also deliver Rhymetime sessions on the bus.

Future dates and locations for the roadshow will be announced in the Maternal and Early Years newsletter, on the Play Talk Read campaign

Play, Talk, Read Dates

For more information about the campaign, email

MARS and SCCPN Recruiting For Two New Posts

23 January 2012

MARS and SCCPN are recruiting for two new posts.

Part-time National Child Protection Committee Coordinator: Scottish Ministers agreed funding until 2013 to appoint a National Coordinator to support and coordinate the work of Child Protection Committees and provide maximum public value by increasing consistency and reducing duplication of effort. The National Coordinator is based and line managed within the MARS at Stirling University, and has a distinct remit to work with Child Protection Committees on specific issues and forge links with the wider child protection community. For further information or to apply, visit the University website.

Research Fellow for SCCPN and MARS: The Research Coordinator for the integrated SCCPN and MARS will take forward the hub’s activities in coordinating the translation of research evidence for practice/policy and in promoting collaborative production of research for child welfare practice development and service delivery.

For further information and to apply, visit:

National CPC Coordinator

Research Fellow SCCPN and MARS

Extra Support At School: The Rights Of Looked After Children

23 January 2012

The law says that all looked after children should have the extra support they need to get the most out of their education and achieve their full potential. Enquire has published a new briefing paper that explains the rights of looked after children under the Additional Support for Learning Act.

The briefing identifies different reasons why looked after children may need extra support to get the most out of their learning, and gives examples of different ways that support can be provided. It looks at the responsibilities that education authorities have towards looked after children's education, including their legal duty to consider whether a looked after child requires a coordinated support plan to ensure that agencies work together to plan what help the child needs to learn effectively. It also considers issues around school attendance and school exclusion, and the processes by which disputes about support for learning can be resolved.

Download a copy of the briefing

UN General Assembly Adopts New Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

18 January 2012

The UN General Assembly has adopted a new Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) establishing a complaints procedure for violations of children’s rights.

For further information, visit Childrens Rights International Network

Social Workers Educational Trust -Scholarship Notice

18 January 2012

For 2012, the Trust invites applications from qualified and experienced social workers planning to undertake a study/research project in the following areas:

S.W.E.T. RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP - for an investigation into inter-professional or multi-agency practice

ANNE CUMMINS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP for a study/research project on health related social work.

Applicants should complete the Trust’s scholarship application form,

and include a proposal of not more than 500 words, setting out the aims, estimated costs, time-scale and intended outcomes/benefits of the research project

For further information:

/documents/files/Social Workers Educational Trust.doc


IRISS Insights: Measuring Personal Outcomes - Challenges and Strategies

11 January 2012

IRISS has produced a new Insight entitled, Measuring Personal Outcomes - Challenges and Strategies, which examines the policy context (Scotland), how to define outcomes and the challenges of measuring them, and sets out recommendations and strategies.

Written by Dr Emma Miller, Honorary Senior Research Associate at Glasgow School of Social Work, this Insight is no. 12 in this series of publications providing the social services workforce with brief, accessible and practice-oriented summaries of evidence on key topics.

For further information, visit Measuring Personal Outcomes - Challenges and Strategies

Doing Ok? Children and Young People's Views On What Affects Their Mental Health

10 January 2012

This briefing highlights the findings from a consultation which was undertaken with specific groups of children and

young people in order to inform the NHS Health Scotland draft framework for children and young people’s mental

health indicators. The aim was to determine whether these children and young people thought that the framework

matched their views of what affects their mental health. The consultation project was carried out by researchers at the

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) at The University of Edinburgh.

Download the full briefing

Consultation - The Children's Hearings -Implementation of Secure Accommodation Authorisation - Scotland Regulations 2012

10 January 2012

The Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 makes provision for the implementation of secure accommodation authorisations. The draft regulations set out the process for the Chief Social Work Officer when deciding whether to implement or not a secure accommodation authorisation or remove a child from secure accommodation.

Read more about the consultation Scottish Government

The Financial Impact of Early Years Interventions In Scotland

10 January 2012

The Scottish Government Early Years Framework, developed jointly with COSLA and other key partners, is founded on a solid foundation of research evidence showing the significance of a child's earliest years in shaping future health, social development, educational attainment and employability. This evidence has also underpinned our other policy frameworks aimed at tackling Scotland's health inequalities ("Equally Well") and poverty ("Achieving Our Potential").

There is also evidence to show the severe and permanent damage that can be inflicted on a child through abuse or neglect in the early years. Thankfully, damage can be mitigated by high quality, early and integrated interventions from service providers who work with both parents and children to meet their needs.

Read the full report

Vulnerable Witness Provisions in The Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 Consultation

10 January 2012

Vulnerable Witness Provisions in The Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011, Including The Authentication of Prior Statements (Scotland) Regulations 2012 - consultation on the vulnerable provisions within the children's hearings (Scotland) Act 2011. Responses should be sent to by 30 March 2012.

For further information, visit Scottish Government

Having And Keeping A Home: Steps To Preventing Homelessness Among Young People

09 January 2012

Having And Keeping A Home: Steps To Preventing Homelessness Among Young People

The Scottish Government is interested in hearing any views relevant to these aims and, in particular, on the following points—

How good practice can be shared

What the early triggers for youth homelessness are, including the link with young runaways

What particular issues face young homeless people in rural areas

What particular issues facing care leavers

What the mediation process is when young people are at risk of becoming homeless

How to give your views

Before making a submission, please read the Parliament’s policy on how we will treat it.

Policy on treatment of written evidence by subject and mandatory committees.

Submissions received by 6 February 2012.

For further information, please visit the Scottish Government