New welfare rules will hit mums hardest

Evening Times | 30 August 2013

WOMEN in Glasgow are being hit the hardest by UK welfare reforms a new report has revealed.

The study has shown that the benefits targeted by the UK Government's deficit reduction policy are more likely to be claimed by women. It also concluded that the most affected group are female single parents.  

Studies have shown Glasgow has the highest rate of single parents - almost 30,000, mostly women - and in some areas more than half of families are one parent households.

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City appoints new director for social care and wellbeing

30 August 2013

Aberdeen City Council has appointed a new director to run the city's Social Care and Wellbeing services. Liz Taylor will take up the position at the end of September when current director Fred McBride leaves to take up a new post in Ireland.

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Safer Highland Partnership: ‘Understanding Public Protection’ – FREE workshops

30 August 2013

The Safer Highland Partnership is the strategic group responsible for overseeing a range of Public Protection issues in Highland.  

These one day events will bring together practitioners from a range of agencies to discuss various aspects of Safer Highland including:

  • Adult Support & Protection
  • Child Protection
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)
  • Violence Against Women
  • Youth Justice and the Youth Action Service

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In Care Survivor Scotland extends service

CELCIS | 29 August 2013

In Care Survivors Service Scotland (ICSSS) provides a variety of services to anyone over 16 years old who experienced any form of abuse whilst in a formal care setting as a child (for example: adoption, foster care, residential schools, residential hospitals, kinship care, childrens homes etc). Our services are also open to supportive family members. 

The service is now going further and now includes offering their services to anyone over 16 years old who experienced any form of abuse as a child and who was in care, but the abuse may not necessarily have occurred whilst in a formal care setting.  

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National Referral Mechanism Guidance for Child First Responders

26 August 2013

Child trafficking is child abuse. When an agency comes into contact with a child who may have been trafficked Children’s Services and police should be notified immediately. All children, irrespective of their immigration status, are entitled to protection.

As part of its implementation of the Council of Europe Convention, the UK Government created a National Referral Mechanism (NRM). The NRM is a victim identification and support process which is designed to make it easier for all the different agencies that could be involved in a trafficking case – e.g. police, Home Office UK Visas and Immigration Directorate, local authorities, Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust in Northern Ireland, and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) – to co-operate; to share information about potential victims and facilitate their access to advice, accommodation and support.

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Time to support parents with learning problems

The Scotsman | 21 August 2013

AS ENABLE Scotland prepares to enter its seventh decade in 2014, we acknowledge that in that time, much has changed to improve the lives of people who have learning disabilities. But a great deal more needs to be achieved in terms of changing cultures, behaviours and attitudes.

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Revised adult protection code proposed

The Journal Online | 21 August 2013

Scottish ministers are consulting on a revised code of practice on the performance of functions under the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007. Made under section 48 of the Act, the guidance applies to anyone authorised to perform functions under the Act, including council workers, police and health professionals, as well as those working in the voluntary and private sectors.

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Charity chief calls for law to make it illegal not to report those who commit child abuse

Care Appointments | 21 August 2013

The head of a child abuse charity has warned fresh scandals will continue to erupt unless laws are introduced forcing people working with children to report colleagues who attack youngsters.

Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC), says further abuse scandals such as those in North Wales’ care homes or surrounding disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile are “inevitable” without a change in the law.

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Getting it Right for Every Child resource repository

NHS Health Scotland | 21 August 2013

NHS Education for Scotland and NHS Health Scotland have been asked to develop a repository of public and professional resources to support the implementation of GIRFEC.

As a first step they would like to identify all resources, training packs or toolkits already developed. If you have developed or used any resources in your area which support the implementation of GIRFEC, please complete the table by clicking here, and email this to: by 30th September 2013 with a copy of the resources.

Following collection of the resources, they will go through a quality assurance process before being added to the repository.

Why Can't I Access Stuff On The Web? New Report From IRISS

IRISS | 20 August 2013

‘It is essential that everyone has access to the right technology and are capable and confident in its use at home and at work’.  So says the Scottish Government in its aspirations for Scotland’s digital future.

Yet much of the workforce is blocked from using the ‘right technology’ and by extension from acquiring the confidence and capability to use it effectively. The obstacles are technical and cultural. Many organisations technically block access to sites, albeit allowing access on request. 

As a contribution to the dialogue, IRISS has published Why can't I access stuff on the web?, a summary of key points from recent authoritative reports and statements that you can use to support your business case. ..

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Vulnerable children fare better in Perth and Kinross

The Courier | 20 August 2013

Children in Perth and Kinross waiting to be adopted or fostered are in a far better position than anywhere else than the country. Latest reports reveal that the local position continues to be more positive than the national average, with a permanence plan in place for 98% of children accommodated by Perth and Kinross Council who are not able to return to their birth family.  

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Adult Support & Protection Code of Practice

Scottish Government | 20 August 2013

This consultation is seeking views on the revised Adult Support and Protection Code of Practice. This revised Code of Practice is to replace the Code of Practice published in 2008. The review of the Code was undertaken in two stages. The first stage was to consult on the original use of the Code by the field, and the second stage was to review the Code informed by the findings of stage 1. The revised Code of Practice is a larger and more comprehensive document than the original Code and we welcome your views on any of the changes made .

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The Administration of Medicines and Health Care Procedures in Schools: The views of parents and carers

WithScotland | 15 August 2013

WithScotland was commissioned to undertake research for the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People regarding the Administration of Medicines in Schools. The final report has been published today (Thursday, August 15th).  While the research found that there is a great deal of good practice in schools and the experience of parents and carers is generally positive, there are also considerable variations in policy and practice across local authorities and a lack of knowledge and understanding of the health care needs of some school pupils.

The research comprised FOI requests to local authorities, focus groups with children and young people and nurses, a survey of parents and carers, and an online survey of 300 schools across Scotland. 

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SCYYP press release 


Research on Stalking at Glasgow Caledonian University

13 August 2013

Despite the fact that new legislation was brought in at the end of 2010 naming stalking as a crime, little is known about the nature and prevalence of stalking in Scotland. Men and women may be stalked by acquaintances, colleagues and clients, family members and even strangers Regardless of who the stalker is, the true impact on victims is often hidden because individual incidents that contribute to the experience of stalking may be so subtle and personalised it is difficult for a victim to talk about it. Their meaning and effect, however, can be devastating and, even if significant periods of time lapse between each incident, fear and anxiety can be ever present. Glasgow Caledonian University is conducting research to find out more about the experiences of victims and the true impact stalking has on their lives. This will help to develop and improve services for men and women who are victimised. If you are being or have been stalked by someone you know or a stranger we would like to talk to you confidentially about your experience.  

If you would like to find out more about the research and/or the possibility of taking part please contact Katy on 07749323262 or e-mail her at 

Alternatively you can find out more and take part in an online survey 

Postgraduate Diploma in Policing Studies

University of Dundee | 12 August 2013

Course starts September 2013.

The University of Dundee is now recruiting students for the SIPR Postgraduate Diploma Policing Studies.

"Our programmes reflect the changes that are happening in the work place and are flexible and responsive to the needs of students and their employers. Our programmes are delivered in a blended format including distance learning and on campus teaching. We believe that this blended learning approach will better suit the needs of our students and their employers. As part of an integrated post graduate framework our students have the opportunity to learn with other post-qualifying students from across our School with backgrounds in education, psychology and social work, health as well as policing. We also offer our modules on a stand-alone basis or in combinations that will lead to the awards of post-graduate certificate, diploma or MSc. This approach allows our students the opportunity to build up credits over time and at a pace that suits their learning style and the contingencies of their employer."   

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New charity 'Hear Me' opens supporting victims of abuse

Hear Me | 12 August 2013

New charity ‘Hear Me’ opens in Angus providing FREE and CONFIDENTIAL specialised counselling 

We are a small team of qualified counsellors, trainers and support staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting survivors of sexual abuse.

Email or visit the website for more information

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Small community helps keep children safe

The Shetland Times | 09 August 2013

The small Shetland community helps reduce the risk of “horrific” cases of child neglect or abuse occurring here. That is according to NHS Shetland chief executive Ralph Roberts.

Speaking to The Shetland Times after the Child Protection Committtee’s (CPC) annual report was presented to councillors, he said there were “strong foundations” to build on and improve the service. The CPC involves health, social work, police and voluntary sector staff all focused on child protection.  

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Dundee City Council seeks a new Independent Convener for the Dundee Adult Protection Committee

09 August 2013

Dundee City Council seeks a suitably qualified and experienced individual as an Independent Convenor of the Dundee Adult Support and Protection Committee.

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Campaign aims to combat scammers

Brechin Advertiser | 08 August 2013

Brechin post office’s sub postmaster joined colleagues from across Angus to lend their support to a campaign to prevent local people being scammed. Common scams can include people sending cash on the promise of lottery prizes, or transferring money to internet ‘friends’ who have asked for money under the pretext of needing help.

Many of the people falling for these crimes transfer the money at their local post office. As a result Derek and his colleagues from Leth and Forfar agree to work with Angus Council and the police to combat these crimes.

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Children are left 'disturbed' by films they illegally download online

The Independent | 08 August 2013

Almost one in five children who illegally download films are left "disturbed" by what they see, according to new research. And two thirds wish they had checked the classification on the film before watching it, a study commissioned by the The Industry Trust for IP Awareness has revealed.  

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Children Affected by Parental Substance Use

WithScotland | 07 August 2013

River City - BBC One, BBC Two (Scotland only)

A recent story line in the BBC’s River City raised the issue of children affected by parental substance use. If you’re worried about a child, you should report your concerns directly to the local area where the child lives – you may have important information that could help a child and their family.

You can enter the area postcode into WithScotland’s search facility which will take you directly to the child’s local Child Protection Committee website. This will provide you with direct contacts and links on how to report concerns or seek further help. For people working with children affected by parental substance use, you can download WithScotland’s helpful briefing document ‘Children Affected by Parental Drug and Alcohol Misuse’. For further advice, please email or call 01786 466300.

Updated practice guidance has recently been published (April 2013) for all agencies to work successfully in partnership when substance use issues are identified. Protecting children when substance use issues prove to be problematic is a priority for Child Protection Committees across Scotland. The main priority is to ensure the earliest possible intervention to provide children and families with the support they need and avoid situations becoming critical for a child. Increasingly children and adult services work more closely together to ensure the best outcomes for both parents and children. 

Hannah Smith death: Father says daughter was victim of cyberbullies

BBC | 07 August 2013

A 14-year-old Leicestershire girl killed herself after being bullied on a social networking site, her father has claimed. Hannah Smith, from Lutterworth, was found hanged on Friday.

Her father Dave Smith, wrote on Facebook that he found bullying posts on his daughter's page from people telling her to die.

Latvia-based allows users to post anonymously. An inquest into Hannah's death has opened in Leicester.

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Barrister criticised for calling child abuse victim 'predatory'

BBC | 07 August 2013

The Crown Prosecution Service has criticised a barrister acting on its behalf for describing a 13-year-old sex abuse victim in court as "predatory".

Robert Colover also called the girl "sexually experienced". The CPS said his language had been "inappropriate".

Neil Wilson, 41, admitted abusing the girl at his home in Romford, London, and was given a suspended jail term.

The Attorney General's Office said the sentence had been drawn to its attention as "possibly unduly lenient".

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New figures show shocking number of sex abuse cases in Scotland

Deadline | 06 August 2013

A SHOCKING 50 youngsters under the age of 11 have received help for sexual abuse in just one Scottish city alone, a charity has revealed. New figures released by Childline show that almost one child a week has received counselling at their Aberdeen base between April 2012 and March this year.  

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Expert warns of culture clash in social care and health merger

The Herald | 06 August 2013

A CULTURE clash could erupt between health boards and council social work departments as the Scottish Government tries to merge the two, a leading expert in elderly care has warned.   Professor Paul Knight, president of the British Geriatrics Society and a consultant in elderly medicine at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, said there were tensions between the two sides - particularly over money.  

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SEE Sessions - Share, Enlighten, Engage

IRISS | 05 August 2013

SEE Sessions are a core part of IRISS's Creative Quarter project, which aims to explore creativity and its use for improved social services. The series of events has been designed to highlight evidence, as well as providing engaging practical demonstrations to entice you to consider the application of this practice within your own setting.

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Doctor says painkillers cause epidemic of child headaches

The Herald | 05 August 2013

CHILDREN are increasingly suffering from chronic headaches caused by overuse of paracetamol, a leading Scottish children's doctor has warned.  Pupils as young as seven are being treated at Scotland's biggest children's hospital once a fortnight for dependence on painkillers.

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Lawyers criticise children plans

Community Care | 05 August 2013

A Scottish Government proposal to provide a named person for every child has been questioned by the professional body for solicitors. The plan could interfere with families' right to respect for private and family life, and amounts to disproportionate state interference, potentially conflicting with human rights, according to the Law Society of Scotland.

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