£1.2 Million Funding For Anti Bullying Programme

The Herald | 27 June 2013

Scotland will become the first country in the world to deliver nationwide, an internationally-acclaimed anti-bullying programme which involves parents and babies visiting schools. Roots of Empathy, which help pupils understand their own feelings and the feelings of others, will be rolled out after investment of £1.2 million from the Scottish Government.  

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Action For Children 

Mental health care plan welcomed by Scottish watchdog

BBC News | 27 June 2013

A new way of helping people with serious mental health problems has been welcomed by a healthcare watchdog.

"Intensive home treatment teams" take the experts to the patient's own home, avoiding a hospital visit even for some patients who are suicidal.

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Female Genital Mutilation Helpline Launched by NSPCC

26 June 2013

After discovering that more than 70 women and girls as young as seven seek treatment every month, we have launched a helpline to protect UK children from female genital mutilation (FGM). Anyone who is worried about a child being or has been a victim of FGM can contact 0800 028 3550 for information and support.

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Helping social workers resolve intractable adult safeguarding cases

26 June 2013

One council has adapted family group conferencing to an adult protection context to help social workers deliver good outcomes in cases where individuals choose to remain in harmful situations - and save money in the process.  

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Website has the WOW factor for CHILDREN 1ST | 26 June 2013

LEADING children’s charity, CHILDREN 1ST, is launching a new website to increase awareness of what they do and why people should support them.

The revamped site, which goes live today (Wednesday 26 June) is designed to be user-friendly and interactive, with increased multi-media content and social networking opportunities. Chief executive, Anne Houston, said: “We hope people will like our fresh, new approach. 

CHILDREN 1ST has expanded a lot over recent years, with more than 50 local and national services across Scotland. We’ve also developed our fundraising activity, enabling people to support our work in a host of new ways, while our role in providing a strong public voice for vulnerable children and young people has also grown.

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Children's Hearings Scotland Act, 2011

24 June 2013

Today marks an important date in the life of the Children’s Hearings System, with the implementation of new legislation designed to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people in Scotland.  Scotland has a single national Children’s Panel, which replaces the previous 32 local authority Children’s Panels. In addition, a network of 22 Area Support Teams providing support to panel members at a local level, replaces the previous 30 Children’s Panel Advisory Committees. From today, Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) also assumes responsibility for the recruitment, training and support of Scotland’s 2,700 volunteer panel members from the Scottish Government.

Children's Hearings Scotland 

About Children's Hearings Scotland 

SCRA has revised a number of its information leaflets for children and young people to ensure they are compliant with the Act and we have also introduced a number of new items, including a new flyer.

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'Right to childcare' timetable call from MSPs

Care Appointments | 18 June 2013

A fundamental transformation of childcare in Scotland is needed, according to a group of MSPs. Holyrood's equal opportunities committee has been looking at issues surrounding women and work.

In his speech to the SNP conference earlier this year First Minister Alex Salmond pledged to make childcare a top priority in an independent Scotland. The committee wants a timetable set for introducing a statutory right to care for every child up to the age of 15.

It said such a move, along with more flexible working patterns, could transform women's access to work.

Last year the Scottish government outlined plans to increase free pre-school childcare, but MSPs on the equal opportunities committee said changes must go beyond that age group.

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Council's crackdown on scams sends a message to postal fraudsters

STV | 17 June 2013

A local authority has launched a fresh crackdown on postal, online and telephone fraud. Angus Council is working with post offices to reduce the number of people who are tricked into parting with their money by con artists.  

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Angus Council Policy on Financial Harm

Google gives £1m to IWF charity that polices child abuse online

The Independent | 13 June 2013

Google has donated £1 million to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a charity that aims to remove “potentially criminal” content from the internet, following criticism from the Government for failing to adequately censor online material.

The “substantial sum” is equal to a whole year’s running costs for the IWF, though the company has said the donation will be spread across four years.

“This contribution will significantly boost our work to meet our vision eliminating online child sexual abuse content,” said Susie Hargreaves, chief executive at the IWF. “We are experts at doing this and, like any organisation, we can do more with more resource.”

"We've been talking to Google about how we can do more together. This donation will directly fund additional skilled analysts who are the forefront of tackling some of the most horrendous content on the internet.”

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Child Protection Services - Findings Of Joint Inspections 2009 - 2012

Care Inspectorate | 12 June 2013

How well do services protect vulnerable and at risk children? Are they working in an integrated way: talking to each other and working together effectively to ensure that children have the best possible outcomes? And how do they ensure that the long-term life chances of those children who have needed protection are promoted and planned for? This report outlines findings of the second programme of joint inspections of the child protection services provided across Scotland’s 32 council areas.  

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Local authorities must be at the heart of criminal justice reforms, says SASW

Care Appointments | 12 June 2013

Plans to radically overhaul community justice in Scotland must put local authorities and social workers at the heart of any reform, the Scottish Association of Social Work warned.

Responding to the Scottish Parliament’s consultation on proposals to redesign community justice, SASW said local authorities were best placed to provide the leadership, accountability, co-ordination and innovation needed to reduce reoffending in the country.

The Association added that the skills and knowledge of social workers were key to preventing criminal behaviour within communities.

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New review for victims of child sex abuse

The Telegraph | 12 June 2013

Child sex abuse investigations which were shelved by police and prosecutors could be reopened in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, it has emerged, as the Director of Public Prosecutions apologised for the way cases were handled in the past.

Keir Starmer, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said four complaints against alleged paedophiles are set to be re-examined by a new panel after victims complained the original inquiries led to no charges being brought.

The reviews, set to begin next month, could see police forces asked to reopen the investigations in a bid to secure prosecutions for the first time.

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Children's education not affected by mothers who go back to work

The Telegraph | 12 June 2013

There is no link between children’s academic performance and mothers who go out to work in the first years of their lives, according to new research.

A study of 40,000 children dispelled the common parenting myth that children whose mothers go out to work will struggle at school. This found that while there was a slight link in the 1970s to the early 1990s between lower literacy scores and mothers continuing with their careers, since the mid 1990s this correlation has disappeared.

Academics believe this was due to the Labour government’s investment in childcare in the mid 1990s and have issued a stark warning as Parliament prepares to debate cutting childcare ratios today.

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Alcohol focus will switch to mothers-to-be

The Herald | 11 June 2013

Today sees the launch of a new campaign to get people to reconsider their drinking and ask themselves difficult questions. Midweek-drinking mothers, professional couples and shift workers are among those being urged to ask questions they may not like to answer about whether the long term pattern of their drinking is really healthy.  

But there is another area where Scotland needs to force itself to answer hard questions, according to experts. This time mothers-to-be are the primary focus as medical chiefs look at more assumptions about what is normal, and why.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a serious and damaging congenital condition affecting children who have been damaged by parental drinking while still in the womb. It used to be thought that only very heavy drinking produced the severe symptoms. As a result, it has had a lower profile than it ever should have done.

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Concern as children's beauty pageant comes to Glasgow

The Herald | 10 June 2013

A BEAUTY pageant for young girls aged as young as six is to take place in Glasgow despite increasing concern among family campaigners over the sexualisation of childhood in modern society.

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Time to Fight Back. End Elder Abuse

Fife Council | 10 June 2013

Fife Adult Protection Committee is highlighting Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June, asking for an end to the assault, neglect, harm and intimidation of our older generations.  

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ChildLine Aberdeen volunteers spend 12,000 hours helping young people in a year

Daily Record | 10 June 2013

THERE are 80 ChildLine volunteers who provide telephone and online counselling from the service’s Aberdeen base in Ruby Place.  WITH Volunteers Week underway, ChildLine Aberdeen are thanking their helpline volunteers for giving up 12,000 hours to answer children in danger or distress last year. The 80 ChildLine volunteers provide telephone and online counselling from the service’s Aberdeen base in Ruby Place to support children and young people who feel they have nowhere else to turn.

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Pupils impress MSPs with play about life in care

AllMedia Scotland | 10 June 2013

A POWERFUL play written by pupils at Paisley’s Kibble Education and Care Centre has left a lasting impression on MSPs, at Holyrood. The play, called Please Listen was performed at the Scottish Parliament’s education and culture committee, on Tuesday, June 4 as part of their inquiry into children in care .

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Orkney “Head, Heart, Hands” programme launched

The Orcadian | 10 June 2013

Orkney is to become one of six areas in the UK to explore a fresh approach to how children are looked after in foster care. Orkney Health and Care has partnered up with Scotland-wide organisation Aberlour Fostering and will be joined by representatives from the only other Scottish pilot site – Edinburgh City Council – for the launch of the Head, Heart, Hands programme at the Scottish Parliament.

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Childcare ratio plans 'dead in the water'

Working Mums | 10 June 2013

The deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has informed childcare workers that government proposals to allow nurseries and childminders to increase staff to children ratios are 'dead in the water'.

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Consquences of child poverty 'cost £29bn a year'

Public Finance | 10 June 2013

High levels of child poverty in the UK are costing the country at least £29bn every year, or more than £1,000 per household, research shows.  

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Children’s commissioner: Rules on touching ‘wrong’

The Herald | 10 June 2013

SCOTLAND’S Children’s Commissioner has claimed that touching children is “fundamental” to their development and that the “pendulum of safety has swung too far” in their relationship with adults such as teachers.

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No link between race and child abuse

ITV.Com | 10 June 2013

A new report by the Home Affairs Select Committee has found that there is no link between child exploitation and race. It follows the recent conviction of seven men from Oxford who were mainly of Pakistani heritage for child abuse offenses.

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Children vulnerable to sexual abuse being failed by authorities, say MPs

Guardian | 10 June 2013

Authorities lack curiosity about those in their care, warn MPs, amid claims of appalling treatment by abusers and agencies.  Vulnerable children in the UK are still being failed by local authorities, the police and the criminal justice system, which are failing to protect them from sexual exploitation, say MPs. Recent criminal cases which revealed the devastating impact of sexual exploitation on children have laid bare a "woeful lack of professional curiosity" from statutory agencies in different areas of the country, according to the results released on Monday of an inquiry into child sexual exploitation by the Commons home affairs select committee.

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Warning to mothers over risks of regular drinking

The Herald | 10 June 2013

Scots mothers are to be targeted in a new publicly funded drive to make them aware of the serious dangers of habitual drinking.  Experts will step in at an early stage to help parents, who might open a bottle of wine in the evening, along with other groups of people who are vulnerable to alcohol addiction. The £300,000 scheme in Glasgow will aim to provide support to shift workers, who often enjoy a drink after finishing their anti-social shifts, and white-collar professionals who may end a working day by uncorking a bottle of wine.

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New animation and website to help children affected by parental drinking

Alcohol Focus Scotland | 05 June 2013

Children whose parents drink too much are being encouraged to seek help by an animated dog called Rory. Rory has been brought to life by specialists at Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS). The animation is based on Alcohol Focus Scotland's successfully evaluated storybook and education resource pack which is already helping thousands of children in schools and support services across Scotland.  

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Rory Website 

Rory Evaluation Report 

Tackling child sexual exploitation

04 June 2013

A new approach to identifying children at risk of sexual exploitation – including those in care – will be piloted in the Forth Valley area. The pilot will test new ways of identifying, recording and preventing the sexual exploitation of children and young people. Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire councils, in partnership with the Scottish Government, will trial recently developed methods to identify young people who have been sexually abused and ensure that appropriate support services are available to them.  

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Cornerstone achieves top award

04 June 2013

Cornerstone has been awarded a special Chair's Award at the 2013 Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Care Accolades, in recognition of their achievements. The best of Scotland's social service teams were recognised on Friday (31 May) at the SSSC Care Accolades 2013, the national award ceremony showcasing the very best of the care sector across the country.  

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Time To Listen

Paisley Daily Express | 04 June 2013

A campaign has been launched to the tackle discrimination faced by youngsters in care. “It’s Time to Listen” is asking people in Paisley to listen to a looked-after child’s side of his or her story – and to back the campaign to help stand up to ignorance about why children end up in care. There are currently over 16,000 children in care in Scotland.  

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Legal highs: a quick guide for social workers

Community Care | 04 June 2013

As mental health social workers grapple with the impact of legal highs on service users’ mental health, Max Daly gives a quick overview of this growing area of substance misuse.  

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Protecting our adults: ‘Why England should follow Scottish lead on adult safeguarding’

Community Care | 04 June 2013

Six years on from the Scottish Parliament introducing pioneering adult safeguarding legislation, Andy McNicoll hears how the new powers have impacted social workers.

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Foundations for self-directed support in Scotland

04 June 2013

This course will provide the foundations of understanding self-directed support in Scotland in the wider context of personalisation. 

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We Can and Must Do Better - new website launched

CELCIS | 04 June 2013

CELCIS has launched a new website for the revised We Can and Must Do Better training materials. The We Can and Must Do Better training materials were originally produced on a DVD-ROM in 2008. CELCIS has now reviewed and updated these materials to reflect current research and Scottish policy and practice around:  • Getting It Right for Every Child • Curriculum for Excellence • Additional Support for Learning • The Looked After Children Regulations 2009 • Early Years • Parenting

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Moving Forward: Implementing the 'Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children'

CELCIS | 04 June 2013

Moving Forward is a tool for informing and inspiring practitioners, organisations and governments across the globe who are seeking to provide the best possible rights-based care for children who are, or who may be, in need of alternative care. Here you will find the 'Moving Forward' publication and its related resources all in one place, to enable policy-makers and practitioners to best implement the ‘Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children’ in their international, regional and country contexts.

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Google and internet service providers urged to do more to block child pornography in wake of April Jones murder trial

The Independent | 03 June 2013

MPs and children's charities have urged Google and internet service providers to clamp down on violent and child pornography after details of the murder of April Jones emerged.

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Age UK - Grandparental care now worth £7.3 billion

03 June 2013

Charities Age UK and Grandparents Plus have yesterday launched new analysis revealing the informal childcare provided by grandparents is now worth £7.3 billion a year, up from £3.9 billion in 2004.  

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New Report - Middlesex University - Basically, Porn Is Everywhere

Middlesex University | 03 June 2013

A Rapid Evidence Assessment on the Effects that Access and Exposure to Pornography has on Children and Young People.  This Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) was commissioned by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) as part of its Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG).

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