WithScotland Recruiting Research Coordinator

WithScotland | 27 March 2013

WithScotland seeks to appoint to the post of Research Co-ordinator for the child protection strand of activity. The post is based in the School of Applied Social Science at the University of Stirling.

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Give Victims Of Sexual Exploitation Confidence To Come Forward

Law Society Gazette | 25 March 2013

High-profile child sexual abuse and exploitation cases have shown us that more needs to be done to give victims the confidence to disclose the harm they have suffered. It takes immense bravery for sexually exploited children to relive horrific ordeals, and the law must protect and assist them at every stage.  

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United front on childcare is only hope for equality

Scotland on Sunday | 25 March 2013

BARRISTER turned full-time mum Laura Perrins seemed to have Nick Clegg on the back foot when she attacked him over the coalition’s much-vaunted childcare policy. The new vouchers, which will be worth up to £1,200 a year per child for every family where both parents work and receive no tax credits (and every single parent in the same ­position) showed just how little the government valued women who choose to look after their own children, she fulminated during his weekly LBC radio slot.  

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The Scottish Government Response To ‘A Scotland for Children: A Consultation on a Children and Young People Bill

Scottish Government | 25 March 2013

The Scottish Government has today published its response to the consultation on the Children & Young People Bill.

Scottish Government Response To Consultation 

Report shows GIRFEC is key to implementing UNCRC in Scotland

Scottish Government | 25 March 2013

A report from Professor Jane Aldgate shows that Getting it right for every child is built on the principles of UNCRC.

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How Lanarkshire's recently-launched Practice Guide is supporting practitioners as they work towards implementing GIRFEC.

Scottish Government | 25 March 2013

How Lanarkshire's recently-launched Practice Guide is supporting practitioners as they work towards implementing GIRFEC.

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Alcohol Bracelet Set To Transform Child Protection

The Herald | 22 March 2013

A SOBRIETY bracelet that has revolutionised child protection cases looks set to become part of Scotland's arsenal in its war against alcohol and crime problems.

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Children's Social Work Statistics Published

20 March 2013

Scotland’s Chief Statistician has published Children’s Social Work Statistics Scotland, 2011-12. This publication contains 2011-12 statistics on looked after children, child protection and secure care and close support accommodation. It also contains updated looked after children data for 2010-11 which allows more detailed information than was available at the time of last year’s 2010-11 publication. 

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Children At Risk Of Running Away From Home

Children's Society | 19 March 2013

The Children's Society has published a guide for parents and carers whose children are at risk of running away from home. The guide includes information on why children run away, what questions parents and carers will be asked by the police if their child does run away, and what to do when their child returns. 

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Human Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation In the UK

Centre for Social Justice | 19 March 2013

The Centre for Social Justice has published a report in to human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the UK. Recommendations include: the appointment of an Anti-Slavery Commissioner to oversee and influence the Government's response to the problem; mandatory training for established and trainee social workers to identify and respond to child trafficking. 

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WithScotland - Events and Communications Manager

18 March 2013

The post holder will take a lead role in the planning and delivery of events and communications to support the development of WithScotland and will work to increase opportunities for knowledge exchange between stakeholders in accordance with the strategic plan. This post is job share, working 2.5 days per week, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm. The main purpose of the job is to provide dedicated administrative and organisational support for all communications and events. The postholder will report to the Director and be a member of the WithScotland team.   This is a fixed-term post.  

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Impact Of Neglect Underestimated

NSPCC | 18 March 2013

Child neglect should be taken as seriously as physical or sexual abuse because some cases will lead to death or long term damage, warns the NSPCC.  

The charity, who funded a study examining the background to child deaths, say neglect was a factor in many recent cases. 'Neglect and Serious Case Reviews' was conducted by the University of East Anglia and analysed 645 serious case reviews carried out in England between 2005 and 2011 to understand what part neglect played in them. Of these, 175 involved children who were on a child protection plan either at the time or prior to their death or serious injury.

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Young People Creating Belonging; Spaces, Sights And Sounds

University of Stirling | 16 March 2013

The ‘Sight and Sound Project’ used creative sensory methods to explore how young people who are looked after feel that they belong, or do not belong, in the places that they live. In this project therefore, the concept of ‘belonging’, which is often used in relation to faith or ethnic groups, is applied to home spaces.

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'At Risk' And In Glasgow - Number Of Cases Soar

Care Appointments UK | 14 March 2013

Both Glasgow and Renfrewshire councils are seeing hundreds more cases every year. Glasgow City Council said that in the past three years the number of vulnerable adults being reported as being at risk of harm has more than doubled, from 1200 in 2009/10 to 2633 in 2011/12. Similarly Renfrewshire Council, which has been behind a high-profile drive to encourage people to report concerns over adults at risk, says referrals are up almost 1000% since 2008, rising from 153 that year to 1549 last year.

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Neglect and Serious Case Reviews

University of East Anglia / NSPCC | 12 March 2013

This study provides a new contribution to our learning about neglect by exploring the circumstances in which neglect can be catastrophic and have a fatal or seriously harmful outcome for a child. It provides a systematic analysis of neglect in serious case reviews (local multi-agency reviews of child deaths or serious injury where abuse or neglect is known or suspected) in England, between 2003–2011. It draws on anonymised research information from over 800 cases from the four government commissioned national biennial analyses carried out by the authors, offering further analysis of the neglect cases that formed part of the most recent biennial analysis (Brandon et al 2012).

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United Nations Convention On Rights Of The Child - Call For Evidence

12 March 2013

As part of the Scottish Government's work to inform the UK’s next report on implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (due in January 2014), they are undertaking a piece of research to review children and young people’s experiences of, and views on issues about, the implementation of the Convention. The research will also help to identify areas for further participatory work with children and young people.  

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Scottish Government Engagement Paper on Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm

Scottish Government | 11 March 2013

This paper has been written to support the development of the Scottish Government’s new strategy for the prevention of suicide and self-harm in Scotland. It provides an outline of our understanding and of progress to date. It is not a draft strategy or statement of policy, but is intended to prompt discussion of key issues, with all views and perspectives on the challenge being welcome.

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Protecting Scotland's Children - What More Needs To Be Done?

07 March 2013

Measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable members of society are to be explored in an inquiry launched today by the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee. The effectiveness of the practices and guidelines currently in place to tackle and prevent the sexual exploitation of children will be the focus of the inquiry. It will also look at what more still needs to be done .

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Scottish child exploitation and prostitution inquiry launched

BBC | 07 March 2013

A Scottish parliamentary inquiry into child sex exploitation and prostitution has been launched, amid claims the problem may be far worse than thought. Holyrood's petitions committee is looking into the issue following the concerns from children's charity Barnardo's.  

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Education Committee discuss children in care

Scottish Government | 07 March 2013

The Education and Culture Committee continued its inquiry into the decision-making processes on whether children should be taken into care on 5 March 2013. At the moment there are 16,000 looked-after children in Scotland. The inquiry will also look at whether these decision-making processes are delivering the best outcomes for children and their families. MSPs took evidence from Claire Burns and Jennifer Davidson from the Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children in Scotland; Ann Darlington from Action for Children and Malcolm Schaffer from the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration.  

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Child sex abuse: New policy for police and prosecutors

BBC | 07 March 2013

An overhaul of how police and prosecutors in England and Wales deal with alleged sexual offences against children is expected to be announced in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

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Shock Toll Of Child-On-Child Abuse

NSPCC | 07 March 2013

Thousands of young people are committing acts of sexual abuse against other children every year, the NSPCC warned.  The charity found there were more than 5,000 cases of abuse by under 18s reported to the police in the last three years. In some instances acts of sexual abuse were committed by children as young as five or six.

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Putting Children First

Scottish Government | 07 March 2013

Children’s Minister Aileen Campbell yesterday announced £757,000 funding to put third sector bodies at the heart of developing children’s services. A unique partnership between a core group of Barnardo’s Scotland, Voluntary Action Scotland and the Improvement Service, with support from other third sector partners, will deliver the project. Over the next three years the grant will bring the third sector together with local and national government to make sure that all groups working with children and families are in partnership.  

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Scottish Government mapping of information for parents and carers

Scottish Government | 07 March 2013

The Scottish Government in its National Parenting Strategy, published on 3rd October 2012, committed to looking at the national sources of information available to parents and carers in Scotland. National Parenting Strategy

To take this forward, CHILDREN 1ST, working in partnership with the Scottish Government, NHS Health Scotland and Parenting Across Scotland, has been commissioned to undertake a mapping exercise, looking for national, physical resources of information available and how this is delivered to those with a parenting role, including websites, leaflets, booklets, CDs/DVDs etc.

If you are an organisation which provides national, physical resources of information for parents and carers, please complete this online survey

Early Years Case Studies

IRISS | 07 March 2013

IRISS has just produced This is where it starts collection of early years case studies. These studies are based on in-depth interviews with those working with children and parents in the early years to uncover what professionals perceive supports positive outcomes, early intervention and prevention. The purpose of the case studies is to attempt to capture some of the experiential knowledge held by professionals working in the early years, to share this knowledge more widely across the sector and to provide inspiration to others.  

This Is Where It Starts Collection 

NSPCC Research on Sexting: An Exploration of Practices, Attitudes and Influences

NSPCC | 06 March 2013

This report develops and compliments work commissioned by the NSPCC in May 2012 (Ringrose et. al 2012) exploring the phenomenon of sexting – the production and distribution of self-­‐generating explicit content among young people. The research was conducted by the UK Safer Internet Centre in consultation and with the support of the NSPCC .

Sexting: An Exploration of Practices, Attitudes and Influences

Sexting Research Summary 

New Family Information Service Website

06 March 2013

A brand new Family Information Service website was launched in January 2013, offering new resources for professionals working with families by providing a searchable directory of all services in Aberdeen.

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Family Nurse Partnership: third evaluation report

06 March 2013

The third interim evaluation report of the NHS Lothian Family Nurse Partnership programme is now available, covering the programme's delivery in the infancy period (from 6 weeks to first Birthday).


New WithScotland Internet Safety Resource

Dr Kelly Stone, Research Coordinator, WithScotland | 01 March 2013

These resources were written by Dr Kelly Stone, Research Fellow/Coordinator at WithScotland, following a high level of demand from multi-agency professionals for materials about risks associated with internet safety. The original plan was for a single internet safety briefing; however, as there were so many key research strands, it was decided instead to produce several resources. The main document Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online: Balancing risk and opportunity outlines the key messages from research and presents models for monitoring and managing children’s internet use. Four factsheets address prevalent issues most requested by multi-agency professionals: • Cyberbullying Safer Social NetworkingOnline Gaming Internet Use and Young People's Sexual Attitudes and Behaviours

Throughout the process of developing these resources, many useful websites and resources promoting safer use of the internet were identified and are collated in the fifth factsheet entitled A Guide to Internet Safety Resources for Multi-Agency Professionals. The resources have been peer-reviewed by multi-agency colleagues.

Children As Young As Eight Exchanging Sexual Images

The Herald | 01 March 2013

Children as young as eight have been involved in the exchange of indecent images via social media, an investigation has found. Councils and police have recorded incidents involving communications between a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old and a case in which the perpetrator was aged only 10. Eight Scottish forces and 23 council education departments provided what details they could of so-called "sexting" cases, the practice of teenagers sharing indecent pictures by social media, mobiles and text.

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Victims Of Peer Pressure

The Herald | 01 March 2013

The idea that teenagers and children might be using modern technologies to exchange texts or messages containing nude or semi-naked images of themselves or their peers challenges ideas about innocence, yet can lie at the boundaries of what is normal exploration and what is a crime. Figures revealed by a Freedom of Information request today show some of the children being identified by councils and police forces as involved in this issue are very young.  

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Launch of new WithScotland internet safety resource for professionals

WithScotland / University of Stirling | 01 March 2013

A new internet safety resource for professionals seeking on advice on safeguarding children online will be launched at a conference at the Scottish Police College today (Friday 1 March).  

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