Raising Concerns

WithScotland supports professionals working in local areas by connecting policy, research and practice. We offer advice and support on child protection on an individual basis to professional staff and in agreement with local Child Protection Committees. WithScotland does not investigate requests from the public or professionals in relation to complaints - this should be taken through your local authority's complaints process and ultimately to the Ombudsman. 

The Ombudsman is the final stage for complaints about councils, the National Health Service, Housing Associations, Colleges Universities, Prisons, most water and sewerage providers, the Scottish Government and its agencies and departments and most Scottish authorities. The Ombudsman will also look at complaints after you have gone through the initial council complaints procedure. 

 If you have already complained and are still not satisfied with the outcome of this, you can ask the Ombudsman to investigate your complaint again. There is a freephone number which allows you to speak with one of their complaints reviewers 0800 377 7330. 

Further information