WithScotland Community of Expertise

WithScotland’s Community of Expertise was set up following recommendations from the Eilean Siar inspection report* (SWIA 2005). Our Community is steadily growing as a harnessed pool of knowledge, skills and experience in child wellbeing and protection, from a variety of disciplines. Many members now have substantial experience in leading/supporting Significant Case Reviews and there is also a growing body of competence in using the accredited model of review, the SCIE Learning Together model. 


Child Protection Committees (CPCs) are welcome to contact WithScotland to source support for situations warranting a Case Review or SCR, as Lead Reviewers, Critical Friends or for advice and support. Community members work in accordance to our information governance policy and a jointly agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Additional support and facilitation is available from the WithScotland team throughout the SCR or Case Review process. Any support and all facilitation and brokering provided by WithScotland is free of charge. Other cost is negotiated between the CPC and the Lead Reviewer/Critical Friend.

How we can help

We can provide access to our Community of Expertise members, who go through a stringent vetting process and come from a variety of backgrounds. Areas of expertise and support include:

  • Child protection/social workers, practice teachers and senior managers, independent consultants, child protection paediatricians, children’s reporters, nurse consultants and clinical psychologists
  • Advice and support in complex cases, a sounding board for specialist advice, formal case review or organisational development
  • Independent report-providers on behalf of CHS/SCRA.
  • SCR Lead Reviewer/Critical Friend including SCIE Learning Together model (WithScotland can provide additional support) Academics, trainers and clinicians with specialists’ knowledge in child protection, family violence, trauma, attachment etc
  • Key note-speakers and trainers/facilitators at events.
  • Practice development.