Biennial reports

The biennial reports produced by Adult Protection Committees were submitted to Scottish Government in October 2014. The reports will be analysed by Scottish Government to assist in future planning. In the meantime, the National Adult Protection Coordinator (NAPC) was asked by the Scottish Adult Support and Protection Conveners Group to collate the themes that APCs felt should be considered for future work based upon their authorship of the biennial reports for 2012/14. The NAPC contacted APC Conveners and lead officers to ascertain views about potential national themes. View paper.

Previous biennial report anlayses

Current work streams

WithScotland's National Adult Protection Coordinator (NAPC)is currently working with other stakeholders on the following:

National Financial Harm Prevention Strategic Group

This group has drafted a discussion document outlining the various forms of financial harm and the broad range of agencies and policies with which the issue connects. The initial draft has been submitted to Scottish Government for comment.

Engaging Faith Communities 

WithScotland is engaging with stakeholders within faith communities around the issues of adult and child protection. This work is in its infancy and updates will be posted here as it develops. 

National Learning & Development Network 

This Network was originally convened by the NAPC in 2012 to enable local learning and development officers to share the training they continue to develop and provide opportunities to work together. The function of the network is to: 

  • Co-ordinate knowledge and exchange expertise 
  • Facilitate links across the multi-agency Adult Protection L&D community within the statutory sector 
  • Ascertain and learn from local, national and international projects where relevant/appropriate 

The group also carries out specific pieces of work as required and has produced papers around ascertaining the impact of training upon practice. 

Risk Enablement 

The NAPC attends two national groups relating to the risk enablement agenda within the context of self-directed support.

  • The National Risk Group chaired by the Joint Improvement Team is currently reviewing relevant documents and considering its role going forward. 
  • The National Risk Enablement Resource Group is led by SSSC on behalf of Scottish Government. This group is considering how to establish a practitioner reference resource to support risk enablement with service users. 

Joint Investigative Interviewing & Training (JIIT) 

The NAPC has co-authored a discussion paper with Police Scotland outlining the opportunities and challenges in developing this model for adult protection. The paper will be considered by the Police Scotland Adult Protection Working Group and wider consultation will follow. 

Guidance on the Involvement of GPs in Multi-agency Protection Arrangements

This guidance was published by Scottish Government in 2012 and is due for review. Terms of reference have been agreed and the work will commence in October 2015, led by the NAPC. 

Significant Case Review Framework 

WithScotland are working with Scottish Government and other stakeholders to bring forward the current draft for consultation. 

National Priority Projects

The NAPC supported Scottish Government in their work on the five National Priority projects: