Child trafficking involves the recruitment, transfer or receipt of people by means of threat, deception, coercion or use of force for the purpose of exploitation. 

It is a child protection issue and it is generally accepted amongst experts that the true number of trafficked children in the UK is likely to be far higher than identified to date.

Children may be trafficked for:

  • child sexual exploitation 
  • benefit fraud 
  • forced marriage 
  • domestic servitude such as cleaning, childcare, cooking 
  • forced labour in factories or agriculture 
  • criminal activity such as pickpocketing, begging, transporting drugs, working on cannabis farms, selling pirated DVDs, bag theft.

Children trafficked in Scotland will now be provided with specialist independent guardians after an amendment was passed to the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill during the Stage 2 Committee session on 16th June 2015.  


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