Our role

About WithScotland

WithScotland supports child protection practice, policy and research. We do this by working in collaboration, (with you to make sure you get access to the resources you need), connecting research with practice; exchanging knowledge and ideas and coordinating activities across Child Protection Committees. 

Agencies, councils or organisations approach us for help with specific (and often complex) child protection cases, and we will help them to access the relevant knowledge, either from within our team or by drawing upon our Community of Expertise. 

We also continue to develop links between child protection and adult protection across Scotland. WithScotland is based at the University of Stirling. 

Supporting the Scottish Child Protection Committee Chairs Forum (SCPCCF)

The Scottish Child Protection Committee Chairs Forum (SCPCCF) plays an important role in working with the Scottish Government to ensure the development and delivery of efficient processes, common standards and the timely introduction of continuously improving services for protecting children in Scotland.    

WithScotland's National CPC Coordinator supports the work of the SCPCCF and its subgroups to take forward national policy and the national child protection agenda, working with CPCs to improve consistency, share best practice and reduce duplication of effort .

The SCPCCF has the following subgroups:

  • Alcohol Drug Partnership /Child Protection Committee Working Group
  • Neglect Sub Group
  • National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Sub Group
  • Public Awareness Advisory Group (PAAG)
  • Child Protection and Disability Network

The National CPC Coordinator is also a member of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy Group led by Scottish Government. For further information on any aspect of our work supporting the SCPCCF, please email Maureen.Wylie@stir.ac.uk

National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland (2014)

 The Guidance sets a national framework to help shape local practices and procedures. It aims to improve the way all professionals and organisations work together to give children the protection they need, quickly and effectively at the earliest possible stage. It also highlights the shared responsibility that our agencies and services have for protecting children and safeguarding their welfare. 

WithScotland's Director, Beth Smith, chaired the Steering Group responsible for the refresh of the Guidance, which was first published in 2010. Further information and download