Child Protection Committees Scotland

Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPC Scotland) brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the multi agency child protection community. It plays a leading role in the development and promotion of child protection policy, agrees common standards and efficient and effective procedures. CPC Scotland inform national child protection policy, working alongside the Scottish Government in order to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people .  More information on your local child protection committee Follow @CPCScotland on Twitter.  

Public inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland

For information and to keep up to date with the current public inquiry, please visit the website

Projects and organisations 

The largest, solely Scottish, children’s charity and provides help to over 6000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year. 

Barnardo’s Scotland 
Provides more than 122 community-based services throughout the country working with over 26,500 vulnerable children, young people and their families. 

Care Inspectorate 
We are the official body responsible for inspecting standards of care in Scotland. We regulate and inspect care services to make sure they meet the right standards. We also carry out joint inspections with other regulators to check how well different organisations in local areas are working to support adults and children. We help ensure social work, including criminal justice social work, meets high standards. 

A private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19. You can contact a ChildLine counsellor about anything -no problem is too big or too small. 

Children in Scotland
The umbrella body for the children’s sector, representing children's services organisations and individuals across the voluntary, private and public sectors. 

A charity which works to ensure every child and young person in Scotland has a happy, healthy, safe and secure childhood. We campaign for every child in Scotland to enjoy the best possible start in life and for no child to grow up in fear of abuse or violence. 


Information for young people, parents and carers about Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

ENABLE Scotland 
A charity which supports families affected by learning disabilities.

Supporting parents and families in caring for their children, providing therapeutic services to help children move on from abuse and helping professionals make the best decisions for children, across the UK. 

Parentline Scotland (run by CHILDREN1st)
A national, confidential helpline providing advice and support to anyone caring for or concerned about a child. Online resources and factsheets also available the website. 

Quarriers is a Scottish charity dedicated to helping children, families and adults overcome adversity 

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People (SCCYP)
This site is for children and young people in Scotland, your parents and the adults who work with you. Here, you can learn about your rights, make your voice heard and find out who can help you live a safe and happy life. 

Scottish Government – protecting children and young people
Find out what Scottish Government is doing to ensure our children, young people and families get the protection and support they need, at the time they really need it. 

Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)
Our role is to raise standards of practice, strengthen and support the social service workers and increase the protection of people who use services. If you are concerned that your worker or a worker that provides a service for someone you care for, does not meet the standards set out in the SSSC Codes of Practice you should let their manager or employer know straight away. The employer may then contact the SSSC. You can also contact us directly at any time to discuss your concerns. 

Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA)
SCRA is a national body focused on children most at risk.The Children’s Hearings System provides the operational setting in which SCRA and our partner agencies work. The aim is to provide a safety net for vulnerable children and deliver tailored solutions which meet the needs of the individuals involved, while helping to build stronger families and safer communities.

Search for Support
Search for the not-for-profit support providers in your local area. All of the providers listed on the Search for Support website are registered charities, which means that any profits they make are reinvested in the services which they provide. All of the providers on this site are registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator and are regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate to ensure that National Care Standards are maintained.

The Spark
The Spark offers Relationship Counselling, which you can access as a couple or on your own. We also provide Family Counselling which you can access with family members. Counselling is available face to face in our regional centres across Scotland, by telephone, or online. If you need immediate support please call our Relationship Helpline on 0808 802 2088.