Action on Neglect. A Resource Pack

This resource pack was produced by a small team from the University of Stirling and Action for Children and the University of Dundee and draws on a year long process of knowledge exchange with three groups of practitioners and managers working with children in different areas of England.

The Action on Neglect Resource Pack contains materials which aim to ensure that practitioners such as teachers, nurses 1. Part of the Safeguarding Children Across Services Research Initiative for the former Department of Health and Department of Children, Schools and Families. The findings from the research were developed in the book by Daniel, Taylor and Scott (2011) Recognizing and Helping the Neglected Child: Evidence-Based Practice for Assessment and Intervention. Through consultation with the practitioner groups and also with parents and young people who have experienced neglect, it outlines ways in which barriers to providing a timely response and help to children might be overcome. 

Full reference: Cheryl Burgess, Brigid Daniel, Erica Whitfield, David Derbyshire, and Julie Taylor (2013) Action on Neglect. A Resource Pack. Stirling: University of Stirling.