Adult Support and Protection in Scotland, 2010-2012 biennial reports

The Adult Support and Protection Act (Scotland) 2007 (‘the Act’) became law in October 2008. It is a piece of preventative legislation designed to alleviate the risk of harm and to reduce harm that is taking place before it escalates. The Act places a duty on councils to investigate whether action is required to safeguard adults at risk and permits the use of assessment orders, removal orders and banning orders where appropriate.  

Under section 46 of the Act, each of Scotland’s 29 Adult Protection Committees (APCs) is required to submit a biennial report to the Scottish Government on its activities during the previous two years. The most recent reports were submitted in October 2012.  

This document summarises the main findings and themes from a review of all of the 2010-2012 biennial reports. It has been undertaken by ekosgen, a Glasgow based research and evaluation consultancy – on behalf of the Scottish Government.