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NameYearLead author
Local perspectives in Ending Gang and Youth Violence areas: perceptions of the nature of urban street gangs2016 Home Office
Alcohol and other Drug Use: The Roles and Capabilities of Social Workers2015 Manchester Metropolitan University
Parenting support for mothers and fathers with a drug problem: issues and challenges for parents and healthcare professionals2014 Centre for Research on Families and Relationships
Scottish Drugs Strategy Delivery Commission: First year report and recommendations to Minister2011 Scottish Drugs Strategy Delivery Commission
Hidden Harm - Responding to the needs of children of problem drug users2011 Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
Review of Intensive Support for Young People2010 Partnership Drugs Initiative
Prevalence of Problem Alcohol Use Among Patients Attending Primary Care for Methadone Treatment2009 Niamh Ryder, Walter Cullen, Joseph Barry, Gerard Bury, Eamon Keenan and Bobby P Smyth
Evaluation of Rory Learning Resource Pilot. Final Report2009 MPConsultancy
Working with Families Affected by Parental Substance Misuse. A Literature Review2009 Fiona Mitchell and Cheryl Burgess
Know the Score: Anti-Heroin 2006/07 Campaign Evaluation2007 TNS System Three
Hidden Harm. Three years on: Realities, challenges and opportunities2007 Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
A matter of substance? Alcohol or drugs: Does it make a difference to the child?2007Aberlour Child Care Trust
Evaluation and description of drug projects working with young people and families funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation Partnership Drugs Initiative2006 James McIntosh
Residential Detoxification and Rehabilitation Services for Drug Users: A review2004 Effective Interventions Unit
The Impact of Parental Drug Use on Children: What is the problem and what can be done to help?2004 Marina Barnard and Neil McKeganey
Hidden Harm - Scottish Executive Response to the Report of the Inquiry by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs2004Scottish Executive
Examining the Injecting Practices of Injecting Drug Users in Scotland 2004 Effective Interventions Unit
Scottish Executive's Annual Report on Drug Misuse 2003Scottish Executive
Integrated Care for Drug Users: Principles and Practice2002 Effective Interventions Unit
Neonatal Drug Withdrawal1998 American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs