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NameYearLead author
Children’s attachment: attachment in children and young people who are adopted from care, in care or at high risk of going into care2015 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
Getting it Right for Looked After Children and Young People2015 Scottish Government
The Commission for Childcare Reform: Final Report2015 The Commission for Childcare Reform
Educational Outcomes for Scotland's Looked After Children, Edition: 2013-20142015 Scottish Government
Looked after children: Knowledge, skills and competences of health care staff2015 The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Investigation into the Association of Jimmy Savile with Stoke Mandeville Hospital2015HASCAS Health and Social Care Advisory Service
Legacy Report – Further Investigation into the Association of Jimmy Savile with Stoke Mandeville Hospital 2015
Taking the Path To Reducing Reoffending 2014 CYCJ
Inform - Children and Young People Act (Continuing and After Care) 2014 CELCIS
Private Fostering in Scotland: Practice Guidance for Local Authority Children’s Services 2013 Scottish Government
Early Indicators of Concern in Residential Support Services for People with Learning Disabilities2012 Dave Marsland, Peter Oakes and Caroline White
National Confidential Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Care2012 Andrew Kendrick and Moyra Hawthorne
Care and Permanence Planning for Looked After Children in Scotland2011 Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
Extra Support At School: The rights of looked after children 2011 Enquire
Edging Away From Care: How Services Successfully Prevent Young People Entering Care2011 Ofsted
Practice Guide. Suicide Prevention for Looked After Children and Young People2011 SCSWIS
Care and Permanence Planning for Looked After Children in Scotland Supplementary Report – Children Assessed as at Risk at or Before Birth2011 Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
Time to be Heard: A pilot forum2011 Tom Shaw
The Health of Looked After and Accommodated Children and Young People in Scotland: Messages from research 2006 Jane Scott and Malcolm Hill
Time Well Spent: A study of well-being and children’s daily activities2006 Jane Aldgate and Miranda McIntosh