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NameYearLead author
NHS in Scotland 20152015 Audit Scotland
Tackling Inequalities in the early years: Key messages from 10 years of the Growing Up in Scotland study2015 Scottish Government
Health and Social Care: Winter in Scotland in 2014/152015 Scottish Government
Safeguarding children and young people: roles and competences for health care staff2014 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
A Question of Trust: Why behaviour change is needed to deliver the promise of health and social care integration in Scotland2013 iMPOWER Consulting Ltd
Home Truths: How dysfunctional relationships between GPs and social care staff are driving demand for adult social care2013 iMPOWER Consulting Ltd
National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland: Guidance for health professionals 2012 Scottish Government
Transforming Care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital2012 Department of Health
A policy document on dental neglect in children2009 The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry
The WHO Europe Family Health Nursing Pilot in Scotland: Final report2006 NHS Scotland
Visible, Accessible and Integrated Care. Report of the Review of Nursing in the Community in Scotland2006 NHS Scotland
The Health of Looked After and Accommodated Children and Young People in Scotland: Messages from research 2006 Jane Scott and Malcolm Hill
Remote and Rural Paediatric Project2006Bridget Oates
Nursing for Health: Two years on2003 NHS Scotland
Fabricated or Induced Illness by Carers 2002 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Nursing for Health: A review of the contribution of nurses, midwives and health visitors to improving the public's health in Scotland2001 NHS Scotland
Getting to the Bottom of Nappy Rash1997 R. Philipp, A. Hughes and J. Golding