How safe are our children? 2016

This NSPCC report compiles and analyses the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the 4 nations in the UK for 2016.  

The report sets out 20 different indicators. Each indicator looks at the question of 'how safe are our children?' from a different perspective. They also include historic data, to help track progress over time.  

Key findings:  

  • All 4 countries in the UK have seen the number of recorded sexual offences against children increase over the last year;
  • England and Wales have seen an increase in the number of recorded cruelty and neglect offences in the last year;
  • Reports of online abuse have increased, including: a rise in the number of ChildLine counselling sessions about sexting and cyberbullying; an increase in the number of URLs containing child abuse images being identified and removed from the internet; an increase in the number of recorded obscene publication offences.