How Safe Are Our Children? NSPCC Scotland Briefing

The NSPCC has recently published How Safe are our Children? 2015, our third annual stateof- the-nations report. The report provides an overview of the child protection landscape and compiles the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across each of the four nations in the UK. Compiling this data is part of our commitment to evidence. We carry out research and evaluation to make sure that the approaches we’re taking to help children are the right ones. Through research such the How Safe are our Children? reports, we try to better understand the problems we are seeking to address.

This briefing document accompanies the UK-wide How Safe are our Children? 2015 report. It draws out some of the data from the report that relates specifically to Scotland and presents this in the context of analysis and commentary relating to our specific policy landscape and priorities here in Scotland.

NSPCC Scotland