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NameYearLead author
Ages of Concern: Learning Lessons From Serious Case Reviews2011 Ofsted
EU Kids Online2011 Sonia Livingstone
State of Children’s Rights in Scotland2011 Together
'Standing on my own two feet’: disadvantaged teenagers, intimate partner violence and coercive control2011 University of Bristol & NSPCC
Joint inspection of services to protect children and young people in the Falkirk Council area2011 SCSWIS
Self-neglect and adult safeguarding: findings from research2011 Social Care Institute for Excellence
Hidden in Plain Sight: Inquiry into disability-related harassment2011 Equality and Human Rights Commission UK
Inquiry Into Human Trafficking. Report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission2011 Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland
Review of the Multi-Agency Resource Service (MARS) and the Scottish Child Care and Protection Network (SCCPN)2011 Scottish Government
Practice Guide. Suicide Prevention for Looked After Children and Young People2011 SCSWIS
NSPCC Briefing: Fabricated or induced illness in children: a rare form of child abuse?2011 Anne Lazenbatt and Julie Taylor
Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services2011 Campbell Christie
Equality Human Rights (2011) Human Trafficking Scotland 2011
Joint inspection of services to protect children and young people in Aberdeen City Council area2011 SCSWIS
Letting Children be Children: Report of an Independent Review of the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood2011 Department of Education
Joint inspection of services to protect children and young people in Glasgow City Council area2011 SCSWIS
Child and family practitioners' understanding of child development: lessons learnt from a small sample of Serious Case Reviews2011 Marion Brandon
Safeguarding Children Across Services: Messages from research on identifying and responding to child maltreatment2011 Carolyn Davies and Harriet Ward
Young Lives in Limbo. The Protection of Age-disputed Young People in Wales2011Sarah Clarke
The Munro Review of Child Protection. Final report: A child-centred system2011 Eileen Munro